Be Grateful Get Happier

Life is never perfect like we always expect of this. Sometimes we usually feel disappointed, angry, sad. And sometimes those things make us thought that we are the most suffer human in the world like Squidward did in Spongebob Squarepants' episode. What happen to Squidward next? He really be the one who suffered. We don't want to be like Squidward right? So let's start to be grateful human.

The Beauty of Being Grateful
  • Get Happier
  • Michael E. McColluogh, psychology lecturer from Miami University stated the grateful people disposed not to be easy get depressed or stressed. Grateful means, we took away all unpleasant and negative feelings inside our soul. Finally, we are happier, optimistic, and always smile.
  • Get Luckier
  • Grateful makes possible that we realize and respect what we have. And because of that, we'll have feelings luckier than other people. So start to be grateful and realize how beautiful your life is!

Little Steps
  • Accepting
  • Things could make people happier is accepting, understanding and letting go. We learn for the first step. Accepting is try to be sincere if we lost something. We look for our self, is there some mistake when we do the thing before? Or we're inpersistence enough? Give yourself feed back and find that your failure is your successful postponed.
  • Take the Positive things
  • Like I always said before. Always think positive because our mind is strong. We don't know how strong our mind work. Think positive and you'll attract positive things to come to you.