It's called break up because It's Broken

Yap! That's the book's title I'd like to tell you here.
An inspiring book, a guidebook for who are broken. Like me couple days ago!
I just 'really' broke up with my boy. For 1,5 year we've been together then he decided to leave me alone. I felt my world is already done and I couldn't do anything except crying all day. Until my close friend (@lyladiahsusanti) told me that we should go on. But, I couldn't release my pain at all. And at the next day I borrowed my friend's Broken Heart Guide Book titled It's called break up because It's Broken by Greg Behrendt and Amiira Behrendt.

First of all this book seems 'Brutal' and confrontational in their explanation. But, they guide us like that in order to make us realize that 'Our WORLD is not BROKEN'. Only our heart is broken but not with our mind or more, our world. They told us what to do to avoid unwanted accident happens to us when we're broken. They told us how to avoid him, how to forget him. And they include several short story and psycho's confession to persuade us and convince us that 'Break Up' is not a mistake but it's a LUCK. They also guide us with their example that breaking our good habit is not the solution. We don't have to be sad for a long time. And remember, If we break up, we could realize He/She is not the right person to share our life with.

With their funny language and little bit confrontational we could apply their advise in our real life. And remember, they write the books from their own real broken heart experience. So this book is really necessary for us who has broken heart.