Primary Key to be Positive

  1. Viewing the problem as a challenge: Try to compare it with those who see the issue as a difficult life that is too heavy and make his life as if the most miserable in the world.

  2. Enjoy life: Positive thinking will enable one to accept the situation with great care, though not mean he was not trying to achieve a better life.

  3. Open mind to accept suggestions and ideas: So you accept the new things that can change your life for the better.

  4. Get rid of negative thoughts as soon as that thought crossed my mind: If you keep negative thoughts for long, you might even awaken the sleeping lion that should not have anything even cause problems.

  5. Grateful for what you have: And instead of complaining about things that are not owned.

  6. Do not listen to the gossip of uncertainty: It is common gossip that his name is good friends with negative thoughts. Therefore, the positive thinkers will try to avoid to engage in talk that there is no benefit.

  7. No excuses, but directly for the action: You would never hear the word NATO (No Action Talk Only). What is clear, positive thinkers not followers of this genre. So is the Naro (No Action Review Only), NADO (No Action Dream Only), NACO (No Action Concept Only), Nabo (No Action Briefing Only), NAMO (No Action Meeting Only), and naso (No Action Strategy Only ).

  8. Using positive language: Use sentences bernadakan optimism, such as: "I will!", "No problem is too difficult to solve.", "She is talented."

  9. Using positive body language: Like a smile, walking with firm step, expressive hand movements, or a nod. Positive thinkers used to speak with intonation and body movements in a friendly, enthusiastic and alive.

  10. Concerned with self-image: By trying to look good. Not only outside but also inside.