Graduation Post

It's just a beginning, you'll determine here
Komputer Akuntansi 2011
Graduation is only start line. After you pass it, you determine yourself, be the winner or be the loser one. And at this time, my old friend in my former education holder, PKBI-UM, looked so happy. They are good friend and I felt comfortable make friend with them. Congratulation to us guys! We did it!

My Girl Classmates

My Boy Classmates

Me and One of My bestfriend, Ivan
Firstly, I didn't really excited being the part of PKBI-UM. First thing is it's private not public education holder. Second, it's only Diploma degree. But, as long as I passed it through I learn a lot of things. There were so many people had the same destiny like me, FAILURE! I don't give any shit about why was I fail last year if I could be success the next year. Failure is only the way that God watch us, Allah will show the righteous way for me, one of it is given by passing my life here, PKBI. Maybe, if I didn't met my friend here I couldn't be on 'THE REAL' State University of Malang. All the time I've passed has taught me that you have to be strong, grateful with anything you have, and be optimistic. Besides, if I didn't study here, I won't know what is Accounting right now, so I can't follow the lectures given in my major now.
My Graduation Photo

Happy Graduation Me

I'm wearing Kebaya
Guys, remember the time we've passed together?
Our first time gathered...
it's about a year ago
PKPT 2011

PKPT 2011 taken in Second day
When we had the lecturing...
Our Madness
After we took Final Exam on 2nd semester
Our Class Futsal Team

Remember our study tour eh?

Now, we done like this ..
Final Graduation
Farewell Good Friends
I wish we have the best way to be successful :D